A notable quote from “Connecting” by Larry Crabb

“As soon as we enter the battle for someone’s soul, our very next step is to think vision.

   • How has God built this person?
   • What is he wanting to release through all the joys and heartaches of this person’s life?
   • What is right now being released?
   • What strengths does this individual have that, if surrendered to God, could powerfully advance the kingdom?
   • What potential remains unrealized because of undealt-with weaknesses?
   • How does this person uniquely bless me?
   • What does that tell me about the character strengths that God is specially weaving into the fabric of this individual’s soul?

The more natural route is to think problems.

   • What is wrong with this person?
   • Where is this individual’s sin and damage and hurt?
   • How can we smooth out the bumps in this person’s life, first by exposing the problems we see and then by figuring out how to deal with them?
   • What don’t we like about this person and how should we help him or her deal with it?

When we think problems rather than vision, we are quickly overwhelmed. We end up facing too many problems, some that would disappear on their own if we thought vision instead.

Thinking vision is determining your destination before beginning a trip.